STEVE'S logoA common barrier to creativity is fear of criticism; a concern that what you produce will not be good enough.
For that reason, a key feature of my workshops is to provide a non-judgemental environment. You can try things out and it won’t be possible to get it wrong.

Aside from that, the workshops will have two main areas of focus.

Writing creatively

To enable you to start or return to writing, helping you to overcome barriers and develop a regular writing habit. There will be less emphasis on technique and skill and more on facilitating creativity, exploration and curiosity. I want you to have fun with this and to be surprised.

Writing for wellbeing

An introduction to the many health and wellbeing benefits of writing. We’ll explore how to use writing as a support mechanism; as an organising and problem solving tool; to facilitate emotional expression; as a means to developing greater self-awareness; to access memories; to make sense of things that have happened and as a flexible and varied tool that can support you through life’s up and downs.

What will you need?

• Paper/notepad
• Something to write with
• Curiosity and a sense of adventure

Where can I find a workshop?

The next series of workshops will be running at  The Exchange workspace, next door to Matthews Yard, a vibrant arts, cultural and community hub in the centre of Croydon, just off Surrey Street.

Find details of the Croydon workshop here

See below for map/directions:

How do I  find out more?

Send me an email at: writeandthrive@gmail.com

Steve Wybourn, creator of writeandthrive

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