Write &Thrive workshops. Feedback from previous participants.

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“I like the supportive and encouraging ethos that’s created within the group.”

“I like the pace and the suggestions and prompts given for journaling.”

“Supportive group environment.”

“Great that we could share ideas each week, but felt no pressure to do so.”

“Other people were great but the course was not dependent on this, which is also good.”

“The sessions were really well programmed, run efficiently and in a nice sequence – very friendly and comfortable.”

“Supportive learning environment, wasn’t intimidating.”

“Techniques to stimulate writing worked well.”

“The half-finished imperfection of the venue – it was a great metaphor for just starting to write – it was really great and surpassed my expectations.”

“Having the five sessions linked together which allowed me to stick with a piece of writing and build on it worked well.”

“Always facilitated in a very encouraging and supportive way. ”

“Good to write through bad days and be encouraged to keep the pen moving.”

Details and booking information for future workshops here: https://writeandthrive.com/2017/04/12/write-thrive-one-day-workshop-sunday14th-may-2017-11-00-to-4-00-pm/


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